Build a Profitable Business Workshop Series

Confidently Grow Your Business & Increase Your Opportunities for Success
5-weeks starting Tuesday, July 28 from 5:30-7pm

Starting your own business isn’t easy, and making sure it continues to thrive year after year is an even bigger challenge. If you don’t have a solid process in place on how to identify and invest in new business opportunities then you are fighting an uphill battle.

If you feel uneasy when it comes to figuring out finances, negotiating or recognizing the right profitable opportunities for your business, then this 5-week workshop series is just what you need.

You are great at what you do, but you fear that you’re not  a financial wiz. That’s ok, most people aren’t. You don’t have to be a financial expert, but there are a few things you need to know to ensure your road to business success.

The Build a Profitable Business One Step at a Time workshop series gives you all of the essentials to help you feel confident and prepared to recognize and seize the right opportunities for your business

Here is what you get:

–       Five intimate and interactive 90 minute workshop sessions offered together or separate

–       A highly experienced guide to make sure you feel supported throughout each workshop

–       A comfortable and safe place to learn and get your questions answered

–       Supplemental videos and tools to maximize your results

Each session has essential tools, practical exercises, and easy strategies all aimed at helping you build a profitable business that can weather a tough storms.


Now if you are listening to your inner voice say any of the following…

–       I don’t have time to take this workshop

–       I already have someone who manages my books

–       This isn’t the right time for me

–       I have never understood finances so why try now?

Then stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and think about this.

Every moment you waste not being engaged with how your business makes money, you are taking away time from other valuable parts of your life like family and friends.  If you practice looking for opportunities to grow and taking advantage of them it will pay off in the long run with a stronger business that lasts.

In other words, this isn’t just about knowing how to manage finances; this is about shifting your mindset. Shifting your mindset to see that when you are armed with the proper strategies to recognize profitable opportunities, you increase your odds of succeeding and creating a thriving business and a thriving life.

So now that we both agree that you want to commit to building a profitable and sustainable business, I can tell you what’s included.


Session 1: Find Your Target Audience (7/28)

Making sure you’re talking to the right people is crucial, these people are your target audience. Talking to the right people is a vital first step to the financial success of your business. Otherwise we spend too much time in the wrong places with the wrong people and it leaves us overworked and underappreciated.

–       Meet the market. Clarify that your product or service offerings are meeting your clients needs in a way that is exciting to both you and them.

–       Save time by understanding how to categorize your targets, and maximize their potential profitability.

–       Brainstorm a list of San Diego targets that you can reach out to now.


Session 2: Brand Your Story  (8/4)

Getting profitable clients has a lot to do with how you tell your story.  It’s not just what you sell that’s important. Knowing how to communicate who you are, what you stand for and how you help is vital. Your story is often what people use to decide whether to work with you or someone else.

–       Use 5 story elements to easily help you tell your story in a way that pulls people in

–       Create 3 story variations to ensure you are ready for any situation

–       Get comfortable telling your story so you feel confident the next time an opportunity arises


Session 3: Uncover Your Ideal Support Team  (8/11)

There isn’t a single successful person out there who did it on their own. Having the right people to back you up is a step that too many people skip, and believe me, when you need help, encouragement, or advice, you will be glad you established a support team that won’t let you fail.

–       Discover your revenue generation skills and uncover exactly what you need to do to generate revenue now, and in the future

–       Identify where you might need help so you can make sure your team can help fill in the gaps

–       Establish your ideal team to help you reach your revenue goals and keep you motivated


Session 4: Create Your Building Blocks for Maximum Profitability  (8/18)

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are engaged in every aspect of your business. While you can hire a bookkeeper and accountant you will still always want to know key metrics on what makes sales tick, so you can assess what’s going on now and plan for the future. If you are nervous about outlining your business profitability, don’t be, I will be with you every step of the way. I remember the first time over ten years ago when I first had to make future projections, now it’s second nature. What I’ve learned is that we can never predict the future with pinpoint precision, but we can approach our ideal better than if we didn’t try at all.  I promise that the value of this session alone far outweighs the cost of the entire course.

–       Create a solid foundation for the year by evaluating revenue and costs for your target industry and business

–       Make sure you use your time wisely by assessing ways to increase revenue and decrease costs (profit margin) within your target industry and business

–       Help ensure your success  by creating an estimated plan, right in the workshop, for how your business will perform financially within the first 3 years

–       Acknowledge that plans can be adjusted when needed they aren’t set in stone


Session 5: Negotiate for value not for price  (8/25)

Once you can recognize and seize the right business opportunities you have the foundation you need to negotiate.  The best way to build a profitable business is to learn how to negotiate for value and not for price. Think about it this way, would you rather work with someone who sees your value and knows you are worth the price, or someone who is always trying to find a better deal? Clients who understand and hire you for value will be your most profitable clients. Clients who only hire you for price are usually short lived.  You want to negotiate in a way that increases your chances for future business with the same client.

–       Learn how to play the right negotiation role to help maximize your results

–       Recognize the 5 most valuable emotions to help you leverage your negotiation power

–       Be able to confidently articulate the value of your product or service during negotiation

–       Master the proven method of establishing a ‘Zone of Possible Agreement’ and ensure you aren’t wasting your time on lost causes

–       Execute well-planned, collaborative negotiations to help increase your profits


Session 6: The ins and outs of funding – bootstrapping/loans and crowdfunding  (Bonus video if you sign up)

Establishing your track record with investors and lenders

–       Secure your financial stability by knowing when to borrow money

–       Crowdfunding is brilliant! Demystifying the process and setting you up for success

–       Understand lenders or investors needs to develop strategies to attract them

–       Confidentially give your crowdfunding pitch by using my easy pitch formula


So who will you be learning from over the 5 week workshop?

I’m the founder of Money Native, with over 20 years of experience in investment and finance and an MBA from Fordham University.  To me this workshop series is not just about building more profitable businesses. It’s about energizing and creating savvy entrepreneurs who can help grow and contribute to San Diego. I see so many amazing people starting businesses in San Diego who are unarmed with the tools they need to truly succeed.  I know that it takes more than just a good idea and money to create a thriving business. There are strategies and processes that can help create prosperous businesses, and that is why I created this workshop series. I want to see each and every participant to feel confident that they can create a bright future for their business and San Diego.

Don’t risk the future of your business, take the Build a Profitable Business One Step at a Time Workshop Series and begin to recognize and seize the right opportunities for your business to grow and thrive this year.


So what’s your investment?

The entire 5 week workshop series is only $155.

I want to reserve my spot now!

Think about it this way; can these new skills and strategies help you get one client who will pay you $155? I bet it will. Now imagine that this workshop will give you the tools to continually bring in the right clients, that’s a nice return on your initial investment.

Are you starting to see how much this course can end up making you over the course of this year?

I see you nodding your head. Sign up now and secure your spot. There are a very limited number of openings each quarter so make sure to reserve your seat now.

I want to reserve my spot now!


If you still aren’t sure, then let me leave you with this reminder…

Every moment you waste not being engaged with how your business makes money, you are taking away time from other valuable parts of your life like family and friends.  If you practice looking for opportunities to grow and taking advantage of them it will pay off in the long run with a stronger business that lasts.

Decide to commit to getting the right tools to help you succeed and secure your seat now. You know the best time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining! Don’t hesitate to plan for your amazing profitable business in 2016.

I can’t wait to see you there.

– Liz

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