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In my professional and volunteer work, I’ve planned many events, so I know that the quality of the speaker determines the success of the day. Finding the right speaker for your audience is essential to creating a memorable event and enthusiastic reviews.

My presentations and workshops are infused with stories and examples that inspire, educate and ignite entrepreneurs to create, develop and grow new markets. These entrepreneurs have great ideas, without all the confidence, know-how or resources to move forward. I provide the business piece of the puzzle for them, as well as my deep understanding of why people invest money.

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My Signature Talks:

     Balancing Bliss and the Bottom Line: You started your business because you were following your bliss, your passion. While you’re following your passion, your bottom-line needs to kick in and support your business and your personal life. In this presentation, I share how using metrics, negotiating for value, and creating a simple monthly financial dashboard will make it easier to balance your bliss and your bottom-line. Your takeaway: the tools you’ll need to grow your bottom-line, your self-sufficiency and your wealth.

     3 Creative Ways to Finance Your Business: The truth is that a business’s biggest source of financing is its customers or clients. In this presentation, I show you how the power of bootstrapping, crowdfunding and starting small are creative and powerful ways to finance your business. When you create a strong ‘designed alliance’ with your ideal client, you will more easily attract outside investors, because strangers like winners. Your takeaway: the tools you’ll need to choose which financing method is right for you, and how to build an alliance with your ideal client.

     Negotiate The Wealthy Way. A Money Native motto is: Poor people negotiate on price, wealthy people negotiate on value. In this presentation, you will learn to combine the power of human emotions and the power of a zone of possible agreement to strengthen your ability to negotiate the best price for the value of your product or service. When you focus on value, your clients are interdependent. It’s the basis of a true WIN-WIN negotiation and it is the basis to increase your cash, invest it and build your wealth. Your takeaway: Strong and relevant negotiating skills create WIN-WIN agreements that build strong client relationships and the foundation for building your personal wealth.

Speaker Biography: Liz Lemesevski, growth and money-smarts expert, is a highly-respected coach and consultant to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Liz guides business owners of all kinds to self-sufficiency and ultimately mastery over the language of money, the nuts and bolts of investment, and the secrets of developing growth potential. In southern California, Liz works with entrepreneurs across several markets and niches who need major league business plans, financial statements and growth projections to attract major league investment and attention. Liz founded Money Native in 2013 to inspire, educate and ignite new entrepreneurs, inspiring them to bring new ideas into our markets and our economy.

Speaker Testimonials

“Liz has an amazing teaching style that takes the fear out of the finance equation in your business. If you get an opportunity to take one of her workshops, don’t miss it!” Melody A. Kramer, Legal Strategist

“I had the pleasure of seeing Liz’s greatness as I helped her bring the first panel discussion on diversity to SCORE San Diego and lead a thought provoking discussion on the topic. Liz demonstrated her wealth of knowledge and commitment to increasing diversity and inclusion in the small business community.”  Samara Hakim, Culture Strategy Consultant, Speaker, Facilitator, Writer

“Liz has a wealth of knowledge in finance and in helping budding entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Through working together as speakers at the Geek Girl Tech Conference, I observed first-hand how generous she is with sharing her knowledge with the attendees and how she genuinely cares about the success of others.” Joyce Tang President, AgilisIT

About Liz

Liz spent over twenty years as a professional investment analyst with Citibank, the hedge fund Simplon Investments, and Allianz Global Investors as a Senior Vice President managing over $7 billion. Her expertise is to review business plans and financial statements to assess risk to business owners and help unlock profitability growth and increase business value. Liz has her MBA in Finance from Fordham University and her BS in Finance and French from Rutgers University. Liz lives in San Diego, where she enjoys hiking, her small dogs, choral singing, volunteering for Home Start, Inc. and supporting organizations that educate and encourage women to build sustainable economic communities.


Liz@moneynative.com; (619) 609-8817

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