Money Native founded by Liz Lemesevski helps small business owners and non-profits improve profitability, cash – flow and make financial projections. The aim is to provide a useful plan to increase business growth and sustainability. If your business is profitable and growing you’ll be better positioned than others to borrow money at attractive rates and attract investors or buyers of the business. While working with Liz you can expect a professional and expert review of your business’ financial statements and time tested tips and tricks on where to focus efforts to increase profitability and cash flow. Liz spent over twenty years as a professional investment analyst and is ‘fluent’ in the language of money and investment. She has her MBA in Finance from Fordham University and her BS in Finance and French from Rutgers University. 

There is a real need for new people and new ideas to come forth in our community. The Money Native process helps non-traditional business types by providing strategic and financial expertise in business decisions. The process pulls from how successful people and organizations look to add-value, and be profitable for the long run.

Vision:  San Diego thrives through growth and practical financial management and decision making that weighs rewards and risks.

Mission:  At Money Native we consult and coach others to think forward and focus on profitability and sustainability. We do this by focusing on planning and projections of profitability and cash-flow.

Clients: Small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits seeking to grow their profits, increase cash-flow and make reasonable financial projections and plans.

  • caring – Treat people respect and courtesy
  • accountability – Agree on what is important and get it done | Measure results consistently
  • collaboration – Connect with community resources to create more than we could on our own
  • optimistic – Have hope and a workable plan aimed at business growth and sustainabilitly
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