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Money Native provides practical wisdom on profitability to  small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits. We can help you succeed!

Vision:  San Diego thrives through growth and practical financial management and decision making that weighs rewards and risks.

Mission:  We collaborate, coach and teach others how to be forward thinking and choose profitable and meaningful projects to pursue.


A Money Native:

  • Dares to dream, plan, take action and aim at profits
  • Sees money as it is, fuel to advance a vision
  • Assesses opportunities and risks to make informed decisions
  • Dares to suck big time and try again
  • Is forward thinking, and knows that history doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme!


“The Money Native course didn’t just focus on telling me I could make my dream a reality, but we worked on complementary exercises which were often the tools that would be needed to help formulate and structure the dream. These tools opened my perspective on the resources I could go to and the balance and helpful objectivity I could find by sharing my vision with a group that understood where and how dreams begin and manifest before they blossom.”

– Sally J. Scientist

“The Money Native workshop helped me re-create my core tenants around money. It helped me understand what the face of finance looks like, what it looks for, and how to begin the course of creating a financial strategy for my goals using my time, talent, and money.

I’d looked at other alternatives before taking the Money Native workshop… but they were more of the same and that approach hadn’t stuck for me — and it wasn’t for lack of trying. I needed an approach that brought together the best of what works, but also made room for my process, my vision, and my goals. Money Native made room for me and I’m excited to see what’s next in my quest for BIG!”

– Rebecca Tall Brown, San Diego CA

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